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Real time video
Real time non destructive video effects using Core Image Core Image
Arrange sequences of video clips, still images and sound
Unlimited layers with transparency compositing
Lots of filters and transitions. In addition to the Mac OS X built-in filters there are easy to use filters for making colours transparent, toning images to transparent, blur-clearing edges and more.
Nodal compositing
Build complex trees of effects and composite actions by dragging and connecting nodes representing filters.
Key-framing of all controls such as sizes, positions, colours etc. Filter parameters can be varied over time for amazing effects.
Mix audio
Audio levels are also easy to keyframe for exactly controlling the mix over time with fade in and outs.
Gradual effects
Control how much an effect should be apply.
Exports to popular QuickTime formats.
Exact control
Detailed control over all elements of the effects and compositions.
Plug Ins
Automatically loads and creates user interface controls for Mac OS X Image Units
The beautiful, simple user interface will quickly get you started with little or no training.
Titles and texts
Put titles and texts into your movies and images and even apply amazing effects to them, -just as with video and images.
Draw shapes
Draw rectangles, ovals, circles and lines and color them as you please. Make them change using key framing.
Image editing
In addition to producing video VideoCanvas can be used for editing still image, as a simple alternative to Photoshop
Media browser
Easy access to iLife media, such as images and video from iPhoto and iTunes as well as music and sound effects from GarageBand and media from any folder on your hard drive or network.
Reads almost everything
Drag almost all video and image file formats anyone ever heard of into VideoCanvas.
Available in multiple languages
Choose between English, Swedish and Italian
Mac standards
VideoCanvas works as you'd expect from any high quality software made for Mac, including drag and drop, text layout controls, undo and more.