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Version information

2.11 Added support for Lion features, including auto save and versions.
2.10 Faster. Needs Mac OS X 10.6 or later to run.
2.9.6 Some bugfixes and optimizations. Available on the AppStore.
2.9.5 Some bugfixes and optimizations. Needs Mac OS X 10.5 or later to run.
2.9.4 Improved stability on some graphic cards.
2.9.3 Improved German localization.
Reorganized menu.
Now called "Norrkross MorphX" instead of just "MorphX".
2.9.2 Spanish and Portuguese localizations.
2.9.1 Added the possibility to reverse the morph.
Intel support.
2.9 Use right mouse button or left + ctrl to select within a rectangle
Added "Animation" QuickTime codec to support transparency.
Added "Motion JPEG B" codec.
Stores last used codec settings in user defaults and uses the setting for new documents
Bug fixes for aspect ratio and moving lines via keyboard
2.8.1 Bugfixes.
2.8 User interface changes. Render still images as well as QuickTime movies. Render in separate windows in background threads. Now uses graphics card for some calculations to improve speed. QuickTime movies are now compressed properly. New icons by Bandar Hassan Raffa.
2.7.1 Bug fix for images with uneven width.
2.7 Zooming to allow fine adjustments of control lines. A little more online help. Much faster!
2.6.1 Translation fixes. Added german version. US and International English now separate.
2.6 Now saves QuickTime movies instead of image folders. User interface improvements. Changed modifier keys when clicking: Alt = start new line regardless of distance to old, Shift = drag selectetd line, Cmd = add to selection /remove. Metal window.
2.5.4 Bugfix for CMYK images. Localized for Dutch.
2.5.3 Fixed a bug that made some images loose transparency. Localized for Italian.
2.5.2 Localized for Japanese, French, Swedish and Norwegian.
2.5.1 Speed improvements. Fixed transparency calculations for partially transparent images.
2.5 Added "Select Attached" menu item for selecting all connected lines. Activated clear menu.Fixed 2 bugs: Crash when lines were circularly connected and a crash when closing the document while calculating.
2.4 Editor can now draw connected lines. Controlling start and end point of line movement separately in the inspector. Never launch QuickTime Classic. Added a little online help. Bug fixes.
2.3 Supporting more image formats. Multiple processor support. Transparency support. Line color settings. Easier way to stretch 1 image instead of morphing 2. Supporting movement of control lines via arrow keys on keyboard. Basic Apple Scripting. Bug fixes.
2.2 Undo. Made saving frames interruptible. Fixed images with dpi != 72. Cleaned up Menu. Scaling preview cells when resizing window. Inspector didn not work when first opened. Hide progress window when switching to other applications.
2.1 QuickTime Player integration. Ditched xmovie support.
2.0 Ported to Mac OS X. Renamed it MorphX.
1.0 Morph for Nextstep.